Melee Weapons   Ranged Weapons  
Bone Saw  
Some kind of big bone or amputation saw.
"I remember... I dismember!"

Repo Scalpel  
Repoman`s scalpel.
"I`m the night surgeon!"

Shovel 1  
Graverobber`s Shovel
-Collapsible shovel
"It`s my job, to steal and rob... GRAVES!"

Colt M1911 Pistol
Already in game
-skin to silver finish
"I am not a murderer..."

GeneCo soldier rifle.
"Graverobbers will be executed on sight by order of GeneCo by Law No. 353-465."

-gotta find out what kind!
"Here`s my prognosis, will they live? Doubtful!"










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