42 years old
Seventeen years ago, the doctor, Nathan was forced to make the impossible choice. Lose his wife and save their unborn baby or lose them both. He saved Shilo but was arrested for killing his wife. Forced to become a Repoman, a repossessor of organs, he lives a double life of fatherly love and violent dissection.

Nathan fights to protect his daughter from the hordes of infected risen from the dead.

Originally a doctor and later blackmailed into becoming a Repoman, a surgical repossessor of unpaid-for organs, and trained by years of stalking his victims and medical and anatomical training, makes Nathan a perfect killing machine.
17 years old
Daughter of Nathan and Marni, Shilo is kept hidden away by her over-protective father. She longs to be released and to be free of her blood disease.

Shilo loves her father a great deal and will do anything to make him proud of her but at the same time, she is her own person which sometimes infuriates Nathan.

Though having lived a life condemned to her bedroom, Shilo shares her father's fighting spirit and strong will to live. Fueled by rebellious, youthful vigour, Shilo helps the group fight for survival.
Black market seller of Zydrate
29 years old
Selling Zydrate to addicted junkies has made a King of the streets of Graverobber. He lives by his wits, always looking for another opportunity to obtain more supplies of "The Glow", or street-Zydrate.

Graverobber comes by his name in the method of obtaining his income. Street-zydrate comes from the bodies of the dead in a land where graverobbers are executed on sight, Graverobber has to be able to keep on his toes to stay ahead of the GeneCo Soldiers and Guards.

When the hordes arose, Graverobber's survival instincts served him well to keep him alive, and his connection to the young Shilo led him to join this small group of survivors.
GeneCo Guard
36 years old
Nathan's brother-in-law, Marni's younger brother. Trevor is a Guard for GeneCo. As a military-level trained guard, he carries heavy armaments and wears protective armour. Trevor is well disciplined and indoctrinated by GeneCo. He is only just starting to see the whole picture of everything that went on.

18 years ago, Trevor's older sister, Marni, was dating the head of GeneCo, Rotti Largo. When Trevor was just 18 years old, he was fast-tracked and recruited into the GeneCo Soldier Training Program. The next year, Marni left Rotti for Nathan and not long after, contracted a blood disease and died while giving birth to Shilo.

For many years, he cut all ties to his brother-in-law, the one he blames for Marni's death. Only now, as he must fight beside Nathan and Shilo, is he coming to realize the truth.
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