Special Infected
Rotti Boomer
Rotti as boomer...
Pavi Smoker
Pavi as smoker...
Luigi Tank
Luigi as tank...
Cadet Hunter
Once a Repoman Cadet, this infected is capable of long distance pounces and violent tearing and clawing of its victims.
Blind Mag
Replacing the Witch, Blind Mag has been infected. She cries for her missing eyes and over her traumatic murder. With her finger talons she will attack anyone who gets too close, be it friend or foe.
Common Infected
Opera Audience
People who attended the Genetic Opera and were infected.
zydrate addicts
zydrate addicts from zydrate anatomy
carnival people
carnival people from bravi, memories
An infected Gentern, GeneCo Intern.
Rotti Largo's former bodyguard.
Another common infected...
One of the many victims of GeneCo''s organ repossessions.
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